"The cure for cancer has been discovered."
~The Gerson Miracle

The Gerson Miracle documents the amazing work of Dr. Max Gerson whose Gerson method has successfully treated all types of cancers since 1928.

Sharing the stories of nine longtime cancer survivors, this film explores the principles and effectiveness of Gerson Therapy, a holistic method of treating cancer and other degenerative diseases. Gerson's daughter, Charlotte -- founder of the Gerson Institute -- also discusses her fight to keep the controversial therapy going despite objections from those who question its effectiveness.

Gerson targets nutritional deficiency and environmental toxins such as chlorine, fluoride and pesticides - all of which are currently added to the US supply of water and food -as major factors causing cancer.

Not surprisingly, the US is one of the only countries in which the practice has been banned.

Dr. Gerson died of arsenic poisoning immediately after writing a book on his method.

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